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The years flow by, the time changes, the atmosphere brings a new scent to the surroundings of a heartfelt home in which families grow and become one from the very seed that was planted in the process of life.

Tree Hill never looked the same as it did now; the trees flowing with their azalea flowers blowing in the breeze, the cool crisp aroma of the river and it's surrounds of life that which inhabit it, everything was just the way it had been, beautiful at it's best.The only difference that could be brought out was the different storefronts that now stood from way back when, the new parking ramps that were added downtown for tourists and the most recent, the new dock that was now Riverwalk. Things hadn't changed so much in Tree Hill, but for Haley James her whole life had changed since the years of being kid were around and since she lived in this beautiful town she returned to call home.

The sunset was more than beautiful as Haley stood on the freshly remodeled dock of Riverwalk and the breeze was just perfect, the moment could have been just a romantic one of anyone's liking, but for her it was just a sense of memories that made their way back into her mind and heart. She had no idea if any of her same friends were here still or if they moved on to bigger and better lives, she had no idea if the man she once loved, or still loved was still here, in her mind she doubted it since his dreams carried themselves out to their fullest while she sat back and watched from afar. The pain of those memories hurt, but now she was back to face them and try to redeem what had happened in the past. Who knew though...it was all one step at a time until something new happened.

Tour photos and baby pics!

Okay, so I'm making this short but after talking to Brooke, I decided to send some pics to my journal from tour and of the babies! Enjoy everyone!

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# 030: Tour and So MUCH MORE!

Wow... it has been an extremely long time since I've updated on my journal. I actually kind of miss it. Tour is going great! We've been traveling all over the U.S in sudden appearances and shows and it's been so much fun! Nathan is actually liking the touring business and haha.. well let's say he wants to stay for a long time haha. The twins are getting so big! It's so surreal that they are almost two months old! I love them so much and hey.. they love traveling just like their dad. Nathan's been getting them into basketball games.. well Michael has been watching them on tv. I have a feeling.. Nate is going to want Michael to play ball when he gets older. Who knows.. we may have a future 'Nathan Scott' on our hands. ;)

Anyways... I miss everyone in Tree Hill soo much! I miss Lucas the most just because.. well he is my best friend. I miss Brooke alot and Peyton but we've seen them when we traveled to California for a show.. but I still miss them. Well, I should be off. I am tired and I have to rest before the next show. I'll talk to you all later. Call when you all get a chance. I miss you all.

Love & Peace,


#029: Having the chance again

Okay, I'm going to make this quick and short and I'll probably elaborate on it more later when I have more time. I have gotten the chance to go on tour again with Alex and his band Burton for Pres. I hesitated at first but with Nathan's insistance, I decided to go and Nathan and the twins are going with me. I have to say I'm excited. We leave in a hour.. but I still have to pack so I'll update later with more information. Wish us luck everyone!


#028: Memories to last a lifetime

Ah, well it has been a while since I've updated this journal. Sorry for the delays but all of you are going to have to get used to it now. It has been about two weeks since I have become a mother of two beautiful little babies, Clara May Scott and Michael Keith Scott. I could not be any more grateful than to have them in my life now, along with Nathan. It's a blessing that they are here, and I have to say especially to Clara who I had complications with earlier in my pregnancy. I just want to thank god above for being with us through all this and for all our friends who have supported us. You've all been great.

I also want to say congratulations to Lucas and Karen on the birth of Lily Rose Scott who is one of the most beautiful little girls I've seen. I know that Keith would be so happy to see his little girl healthy as can be, right along with Karen. Remind me to come over and see her one of these days.

The after graduation party was a lot of fun, I might add, despite Nathan and I calling Deb half a dozen times to check on the babies. All of us girls did this crazy dance to the Spice Girls which I never thought I would do. I absolutely loved it. I think the most memorable part of that night was the Rivercourt. All of us together again, friends, family just being ourselves and cherishing the last few moments we have until we all return again. It's sad to see a lot of us go. Like with Peyton, I miss her a lot all ready and I'm sure Lucas misses her a whole lot more than I do... Tree Hill isn't the same without you Peyton! Come back soon!

Well, this entry is coming to an end. I would speak my mind of more that has been happening.. or the people or person I have come to lose respect for but at this time, my children are calling for me with their cries of hunger. I must go. See you next time. Until then, keep in touch.

Haley James Scott

# 027: Very distant

I've been very distant from everyone lately. I hadn't noticed it before until I sat down today in the quad and looked around me. I looked at everyone talking to their peers and friends and I came to realize that I had isolated myself from everyone around me, well with the exception of Nathan. I'd like to apologize to everyone for not calling or stopping by. I've just been very distraught lately and worried about Nathan. A lot has happend since the press conference and it's just dragging him down. It breaks me up inside to see him the way he is. He won't talk to me about it... he doesn't want to talk about it. He wants to push the topic away. I don't know what else to do for him anymore. -sigh-

The babies are doing fine. It's almost time for my due date. I can't believe these nine months are almost over. Soon, we're going to be parents. I'm frightend. I don't know if Nathan knows, but I am. I don't want him to know I'm scared. I want him to focus on himself.. and not worry about me.

I guess this is an update for now. I think I might give you all a call. Feel free to stop over if you like. I'll be around.

# 026: Prom Night!

Tonight should be one of the best nights of my life. It's Prom Night! For tonight, I want to be a teenager, not married, not pregnant. It's going to feel good going back for a night to the way everything was as a teenager. I'm looking forward to it. I hope to see everyone there!

# 025: It's My Birthday!

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Well as you see, Today's my Birthday. Yes, I, Haley James Scott was born on April 2nd 1988 which would make me 18 today! I'm finally legal. I can buy lottery tickets, I'm officially an adult, buy cigarettes (like I'd do that anyways)and drive past nine (actually I've been doing that.. =X). It feels good to be 18. You know what I just realized? I'm 18, married and pregnant. All at 18. It seems unbelieveable in a way because when I was younger, I always pictured myself being older...maybe in my twenties or later when I have kids, married in my twenties not in my teens, waiting for all this until after high school. Look at me now? All this is happening while I'm in high school. Oh well I guess. Life goes on. So! Did I mention it was my birthday? Yes. It's good to gloat that I'm now older than Nathan and it feels great. Oh.. and.. where are all my gifts? I mean a girl has to get some gifts right? Anytime would be great to bring them over...=P

So, everything is going fine with the babies. They are as healthy as ever. The doctor says that I may have them sometime in June. We don't know the date yet. That means Nathan and I definitely need to start getting the nursery around soon for the twins. I'm quite excited. Oh, I've been recording a little with Alex lately and it's been sounding good for fun singing. Nothing serious. I don't plan on pursuing my music career more than I already have since the babies are to be born. It doesn't bother me though. I'm happy with how my life is. Music will always be apart of it.. but if I'm not a singer.. that's okay because I'll still have Nathan and our babies. There's nothing better than that.

Well, I'm off. Nathan's whining about the laptop again. I'll be on later or so.


# 024: From the messiness to being okay

You look upon the world, on the news and see all these kind of scandals with money or family and most of all, Sex. Sex scandals. They are all over Hollywood that we see and we laugh. Yeah, we find it funny with all these people but you never really think about what would happen if that sex scandal turned into your life. Now you're reading the entry pretty closely now huh? You feel like 'Well, that'd never happen to me, so whatever' and you shove off my words. I used to think the same...believed that something as ignoramic as that would achieve it's goal of entering my life, but it had.

We all know what happend at the Pre-Prom Party Wednesday night. I will not go further into details due to the fact that I don't want to bring up those memories, one memory that will forever be in my mind. All I can say is, the tape was uncalled for. 'Scandalous' as some people might say.It was something none of us should have seen. That night was horrible for me, completely horrible. To be honest and not to freak anybody out I was close to putting things to an end, but then I realize that it was a crazy decision and that I didn't just have me to think about, I had these two beautiful babies growing inside of me to think about also. Nathan knows the truth about my reasons for what I did that night. He knows now before hand because Lucas had told him. I'm not angry at Lucas, in such a way I should be.. but I'm not. In the long run, he did the right thing. One person I want to thank for being there and it means so much to me in the time of need...Chris. God, I don't know where to start. I know what I did was sprung on you..but I thank you for not flipping out...I want to thank you for supporting me, making sure that I was going to be safe. If Nathan heard your words in the bedroom....I'm pretty sure he'd think differently towards you. Chris, I know your feelings for me now. I'm not shocked, I'm not angry..I'm more relieved that I know the truth. Things won't change between us, I promise you that. Things will perhaps get better. Just know, I am always here if you need me.

There is one thought that still lingers in the back of my mind. I'm not saying it just to tell the whole world or tell people who don't know, but I need to get this off my chest. I know that Nathan has apologized for sleeping with Rachel, but...the thought of him doing that just hurts me. Yes, Nathan and I are together and happy, but, that...I know he has changed and for the better but from that information of that night, it brings me to know that the person that Nathan was last year, is still inside of him no matter how much he has changed. It's still there and that scares me a bit, brings down my trust for him a little bit. It's hard. I want to throw that thought of him being there with her out of my mind, but it won't seem to leave. Maybe I should see a pyschiatrist or hypnotist to get this out of my mind..soon enough I'm going to go crazy thinking about it..

This is it for now. I have an appointment for the twins soon. Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it when I'm through. Wish us luck.

# 023: Party

So the big Pre-Prom party is tonight. Let's hope it doesn't get too out of hand like previous parties I've thrown or attended to. Let's play it all safe. Drink a little..well I can't.. bummer... watch a few movies, play a few games..you know..keep it safe. Oh and... NO SEX IN NATHAN'S BED THANK YOU! =P For all you sex phenes out there...

Anyways.. Tonight is about partying so do us all a favor... HAVE FUN! And.. don't drink and drive. It's the most dangerous thing out there. KEEP IT SAFE! =)